Having difficulty with your Centering Prayer practice? Feeling alienated from God, other people, yourself? Seeking companionship and guidance from someone who has themselves traveled the journey? Interested in learning the hidden treasures in Father Thomas Keating’s teachings?

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Some Shared Experiences with David’s Spiritual Direction

“My Centering Prayer deepened. I used to struggle with the practice. Something has shifted in a quiet, subtle way. Now I am a contemplative.” B.A., Atlanta, Georgia

“It changed me profoundly. I discovered new ways to pray, ways of relating to Christ that felt like they were always there in me, waiting to be recognized.” T.P., Denver, Colorado

“David’s gift of deep listening has helped me to recognize solutions, and realize healing, often without much dialogue. I have left these times of contact refreshed, and more able to identify and relax into God’s presence in my own life. As well, I have witnessed firsthand his skillful teaching of contemplative practices as a friend and student in different retreat settings. While his insights and teachings are at once practical and powerful, praying with David always allows me to enter a deeper contemplative state, at times unsettling, at times profound, always loving.” M.A., Fort Collins, Colorado