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David Frenette would love to support you with his offering of self-paced, on-line courses—replays and resources that you may enjoy at your convenience. Please scroll to see current options. These offerings are available for a donation that meets your financial ability at this time.

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Self-Paced, On-Line Replay: Silence Speaking, Stillness Acting

Choose Your Donation: Silence Speaking, Stillness Acting

REPLAY :: Original workshop and recording on February 20, 2022 [Zoom]

Silence Speaking, Stillness ActingCentering Prayer,
Contemplative Petition and Unity
with David Frenette

In this Zoom workshop, we continued exploring Centering Prayer and unity – both unity consciousness, and also action in the world that express the underlying unity of life.

» Investment: Free. Suggested donation $35 USD
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Special focus was given on how to open to the God of Unity in Centering Prayer, and offer contemplative prayers of petition (intercession) for self and others. Learning how to pray contemplatively for self and others, flowing out of Centering Prayer, is the key to acting in unity, unlocking new presence, life and hope in our world of separation, uncertainty and change.

Building on the 2021 November session, The Dynamic Center of Being, this Zoom workshop included teaching, guided meditations, a period of Centering Prayer, small group discussion, and time for questions. Enjoy the replay of this event with your donation.

One participant commented, "I came with a heavy heart, and I feel relief just being here."

Self-Paced, On-Line Replay: Part One: Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud with the Prayer of the Heart

Note: When clicking on button to register for and receive this course, you'll be taken to the Contemplative Outreach website. They kindly hosted David's course.

REPLAY :: Original workshops and recordings: May 2022 [Zoom]

Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud with the Prayer of the Heart

An e-Introduction to Heart Intention for Centering Prayer Practitioners with David Frenette

» Investment: Free. Suggested donation $35 USD
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The world is rapidly changing. Heart Intention is a contemplative practice that, with Centering Prayer, helps us respond to the new challenges we are facing. In Centering Prayer and Heart Intention, two great streams of Christian contemplation – the Prayer of the Cloud and the Prayer of the Heart – meet, in service of an integrative approach to meditation.

Join us in learning Heart Intention, a contemplative practice that

*  lets intention and meaning flow into our lives;
*  integrates the receptive simplicity of Centering Prayer with a nuanced practice that is embodied, engaged, and that embraces our humanity;
*  helps us act in our challenging world from a heart more present to God.

This three-week online class includes three new recorded video teachings, three live Zoom practice sessions with time for Q/A with David, and access to written resources. This course is for anyone looking for ways to meaningfully integrate their Centering Prayer practice into daily activity and contemplative service.

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Self-Paced, On-Line Replay: Part Two: Continuing Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud with the Prayer of the Heart

Your Donation for Continuing Prayer of the Heart and Cloud

REPLAY :: Original sessions: June and July 2022 [Zoom]

Continuing the Prayer of the Heart and the Prayer of the Cloud 

An e-Follow-Up Course: Heart Intention for Centering Prayer Practitioners with David Frenette
For those who have learned the Heart Intention Practice (such as through the e-Course, Grounding the Prayer of the Cloud in the Prayer of the Heart: Click here), this follow-up on-line [Zoom] course provides support for practice: enrichment, continuity and community.
» Format included short live presentations, guided practices in Heart Intention and Centering Prayer, silent practice periods, Q&A. Three class session replays included.

Self-Paced, On-Line Recordings: 2022 Centering Prayer Summit

REPLAY :: Original summit: January 2022

Centering Prayer Summit 2022 REPLAYS

→ This event has already occurred, but you may still invest and receive access to this valuable material for only $50 here.

Open to your true self and the Divine Presence within. Join this two-day virtual summit to learn and practice with Centering Prayer leaders, including David Frenette, from around the world. All offerings are recorded.