Audio Program by David Frenette: Immediate Download
Published by Sounds True
Core Teachings and Meditations
for Deepening Our Relationship with God


David Frenette’s book The Path of Centering Prayer re-energized the Centering Prayer tradition with its fresh insights and teachings. This companion audio program – created to be equally rewarding as a stand-alone guide – gives listeners an immersive resource to learn contemplative prayer, step by step and in the moment. Originally created as a CD set, this product is mostly available now as an immediate download [you receive an audio file you may save to your device, i.e. laptop, phone or iPad).

With clarity and compassionate presence, David explains the essential principles of this contemplative practice for both new and seasoned practitioners, and then guides us experientially through core prayers and meditations including  • Giving God Consent to Act in You Opening and Recognizing Simplicity and Awakening Gentleness and Effortlessness Letting Go and Letting Be Resting and Being Embracing and Being Embraced Integrating and Emerging.

For Christians and meditators of all traditions drawn to silent communion with the Divine, Centering Prayer Meditations will enrich the experience of anyone interested in this revered contemplative path. This audio program makes a wonderful holiday gift!

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This CD is exactly what I was looking for. Practical exercises in meditation/centering prayer combined with distilled and powerful insights delivered by a compassionate man whom you know you can trust in his profound knowledge (he never makes a big deal of this) and experience of the spiritual journey. Sometimes I think this is too simple, but isn’t that the great irony of this path. Excellent! And I’m really looking forward to the next CD! Please do more, David!

~ Catherine, West of Ireland